SDN 15 Seburing Soon Has Total Renovation

SAMBAS – It is estimated that after July 2021, total renovation of five classes of SD Negeri (Public Primary School) 15 Seburing Gersik, Semparuk District, Sambas Regency, will begin. Currently, the administrative process continues, an auction will be held.


“At least after July this year, the implementation of the construction or major renovation of SD Negeri 15 Seburing buildings will start. Because from now on the stages, including the process of project auction will later be carried out at least in July.” The Head of Primary Education Division of Sambas Regency Education and Culture Department, Mufizar, stated on Monday (8/3).


Regarding the amount of budget, Mufizar conveyed, the rehabilitation of the five study rooms, will use a Special Allocation Fund (DAK) of IDR 700 million and the work period is at least for four to five months. Moreover, from Sambas Regency APBD (local government budget), this year will also disburse Rp. 100 million for the procurement of furniture.


“Besides the IDR 700 million of DAK for major rehab of five classes, Sambas Regency Government, through this year’s APBD, will help IDR 100 million for the procurement of furniture.” he said.


Not only that, SD Negeri 15 Seburing Gersik also received assistance in the form of rehabilitation of two rooms and a toilet, which is from fundraising conducted by Gemawan Association.


“On this Monday, a handover was carried out in the form of renovation of two rooms and a toilet building, which later can be used by the school community,” he said. He also appreciated the efforts made by Gemawan Association for the improvement of the facilities and infrastructure at SD Negeri 15 Seburing Gersik.


Nuryani, Pro Inqlued Program Manager of Gemawan Association, stated that her party raised funds from a number of donors for the concept of mutual cooperation to improve the facilities and infrastructure of primary school in Sambas Regency.


For SD Negeri 15 Seburing, her party successfully raised approximately IDR 73 million, which was used to renovate two rooms and a toilet. “At this time, we have handed over two classrooms and a toilet which had been rehabilitated to the school party so that they can be used.” Nuryani said.


The assistance done by Gemawan Association, she mentioned, is on the system of mutual cooperation in order that everyone contributes to the development of primary school facilities and infrastructure. In the future, besides rehabilitation, the assistance carried out will be on transparency of school budgets, as well as activities to use school land for agricultural and plantation activities.


Vice Speaker of Sambas Regency DPRD, Suriadi, appreciated the rehabilitation of the two rooms and a toilet as one of the results of the assistance facilitated by Gemawan Association. Furthermore, the plan is to begin the total renovation of five classrooms through DAK, as well as the disbursement of assistance from the Sambas Regency Government for the procurement of furniture. “This is a joint effort in an attempt to pay attention to primary education facilities and infrastructure.” Suriadi said. (fah)


Source: Initially released on the page of Pontianak PostGambar


SDN 15 Seburing Soon Has Total Renovation
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