Serikat Perempuan Women Perempuan Mempawah Kalbar

Placed at the Hall of PNPM of Sekabuk Village, Sadaniang District, Mempawah Regency, Gemawan Association held a Women’s Group Leadership Training in Mempawah Regency. The activity which lasted for two days started on Tuesday (9/3).

This activity was attended by 15 participants from the representatives of five women’s groups in Sadaniang District, Mempawah Regency, while still following to health protocols. The five groups came from several villages in Sadaniang District, namely Sekabuk Village, Amawang Village, and Bumbun Village.

Empowering Women’s

For two days, this activity was guided by four facilitators from Gemawan, they were: Uray Kusumajaya, Ridho Faizinda, Arniyanti, and Sri Haryanti. According to Ridho, Gemawan wants to strengthen the role of women in the village to achieve gender justice and economic, social, educational and political independence.

Besides the leadership training, this activity also discussed the vision, missions, and milestones for the next three years. The participants agreed to establish a women’s organization called the Mempawah Regency Women’s Union or SPKM, with the vision of Actualizing Advanced, Unified, Independent and Dignified Women; Politically Strong and Economically Independent, Based on Local Wisdom, Gender Justice and Ecological Justice.

The elected head of SPKM, Mrs. Dinda, said that through the programs and work plans which had finally been discussed, she expected to be able to actualize together the vision and missions of the organization in the future. “To me, this is a new experience about how we run the organization in a broader context, how we can play a role, to fight for women from intimidation, any forms of violence, discrimination, economic independence, and many more which certainly are very beneficial for ourselves and the environment around us. I am very happy to be joining, “she said. (RN)


Forming Women’s Union of Mempawah Regency to Actualize Empowered Women
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