SDN 15 Seburing Becomes Development Priority – Gemawan gives assistance in education field, through the Civil Society Initiative Promotion program for Inclusive and Quality Education (Pro-InQlued).


This program aims to promote good governance and accountability in the sector of primary education in Indonesia.


In this case, SDN 15 (Primary School number 15) Seburing Gersik which is located in Seburing Village, Semparuk District, was chosen to get assistance in school repair and renovation.


“Our presence here has one common goal, which is to improve the quality of education services, particularly at SDN 15 Seburing,” explined Nuryani, S.Pd, as the Pro-InQlued  Program Manager of Gemawan Institute, Thursday (12/11).


On the occasion, Gemawan and its media partners as well as journalists, visited SDN 15 Seburing to see firsthand the condition of the school building.


“We want to do mutual cooperation so that the quality education can be realized more promptly. Therefore, in this case our agenda is field visit and for the media to see the condition of this school,” she said.


SDN 15 Seburing was selected since the condition of the buildings and classrooms at the school were no longer adequate and could be categorized as severely damaged.


“Today, symbolically, we handed over the assistance to rehabilitate toilets from the  fundraise result with the national Yappika through worth 14.8 millions and building rehabilitation worth 70 millions,” she concluded.


The principal of SDN 15 Seburing Gersik Ruslan, S.Pd.I said, since the school was built in 1982 until today, the renovation was only done for once in 2008.


“Since it was built, it has only been rehabilitated once, and it was only for half of the roof, the porch floor and the ceiling,” he said.


Ruslan said that the school has only 4 building areas and only 3 areas are used as learning places, so that it makes new students have to take turns using the rooms to study.


“So, there are only 3 classes in our school and 1 is used for office. We also use the old official house for study rooms, plus a warehouse, with 79 students as the total of our students,” he explained.


Mufizar, as the Division Head of Primary School Development who was present at SDN 15 Seburing Gersik explained that in the future this school will be a priority for the department of Education and Culture.


“If categorized, this is considered as severely damaged. We will propose this heavy damage to be fully rehabilitated. For the time being we will fix this one first, probably like building a toilet or something else, “he said.


He said the slow pace of the school repairs was due to the differences in the data Main Data of Education.


“Indeed, there was a difference in the data of Dapodik, between severely damaged and moderately damaged. To anticipate this, we asked the operator of the school and the office to fix it. Do not make mistakes in inputting the data, “he explained.


The head of Commission IV of Sambas Regency DPRD for the fields of education and health, Anwari S.Sos, M.Ap, who directly monitored the school building, concerned about the conditions at SDN 15 Seburing Gresik.


“With the condition of the classrooms that are no longer adequate, highly damaged and the toilets that can no longer be used, especially with the lack of local numbers, it is very alarming,” he said.


Furthermore, Anwari explained that SDN 15 would be a development priority of regional government.


“This is the most appropriate momentum how the Regional Government in the future will prioritize the development and rehabilitating all school buildings,” he concluded. (Bhr)



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SDN 15 Seburing Becomes Development Priority
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