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Besides Liberika coffee, there are other types of coffee grown by the Podorukun community, which is robusta coffee. Yet, it is not as various as Liberika.

Enchantment of Podorukun Liberika Coffee

That night, the rain poured down quite heavily in Podorukun Village. However, it did not dampen the farmers’ spirit to come to discuss with one of the institutions to assist village community, Gemawan Institute.

One of the farmers from Sukorejo Hamlet, Podorukun Village who came that night, Slamet revealed that currently, the best potential the community can develop is coffee plantation. The reason is coffee is indeed becoming viral, and the coffee is Liberica.

To him, for Sukorejo Hamlet area, his coffee land is probably the most productive now, with an area of about a quarter acre.

“Yesterday there was more than that. However, since the people here followed trend, when there were people planting rubber, we were also planting rubber. The one hectare or more coffee plantation was used to plant rubber, the coffee died. But thank God, now that we have cut them down, we can replant,” he said, on Friday night (6/11).

It is known that the people of Sukorejo Hamlet also grow vegetables on a small scale for personal or household consumption, which are chilly, beans and eggplant farms. Meanwhile, for rice, currently the land is somewhat reduced.

Besides Liberika coffee, there are other types of coffee grown by the Podorukun community, which is robusta coffee. Yet, it is not as various as Liberika.

“For the people themselves, they do not choose Liberica or other types of coffee, the important thing is that the coffee is good, the fruit is thick. That is what the community think about, ”said Slamet.

As a coffee farmer, he also hopes that in the next few years, Podorukun coffee can be managed under the work of BUMDes. For example, BUMDes can accommodate coffee beans or powder stocks throughout Kayong Regency. This way, maybe it can improve the quality of people’s lives.

“I hope in the future, because the Regent has declared Kayong Utara Coffee Day, it is hoped that the regency government and related departments in the regency can drink Podorukun coffee in his office,” Slamet hoped.

Meanwhile, the Program Manager of Gemawan Institute, Ridho Faizinda, stated that his team’s visit to Podorukun Village aims to record what local products can be developed in their assisted villages. This is because Gemawan has been assisting Podorukun Village for about ten years.

“We have three activities. Village meetings, journalist trips, and assessment for local commodity development. This meeting village is for coordination, “she said.

“So, coordination as well as assessments for any local products in this village, which we might help to develop. Because Gemawan has started to open a marketplace to market local products to assisted villages which have local products therefore, we try to help them market local products, “Ridho said.

He said that one of the program’s focuses is on land protection as a source of community livelihood. So, it is how Gemawan build communication with villages and communities to protect land.

Particularly for land protection, it can be done with a scheme. For example, for forest areas, the community can use a social forestry scheme.

Meanwhile, for area for other land uses (APL), a collective agreement can be used, it could be from a village regulation or a group agreement.

“What we have just started now is an assessment of local commodity development. So, it is what local products they have that we can develop. So yesterday during the discussion, it turned out that coffee was one of the mainstays in this village,” Ridho explained.

Although Podorukun Village can be categorized as a developed village, Gemawan still do an assistance in the form of cooperation, especially to market local products such as Liberika coffee.

“Since yesterday there was still actually issues of mapping, and others. We still provide assistance to help them, if for example there are problems that will appear, for example from certain companies, “she said.

It is known, Gemawan has assisted many villages in West Kalimantan. According to Ridho, his party is targeting around 100 villages to be assisted, one of which is Podorukun Village.

For assistance criteria, the sweet dark brown woman mentioned several things, especially for villages located in forest areas.

“We see villages with forest areas, we are looking for villages which have forest areas. We assist their social forestry. If they do not live in forest areas or own forest areas, we will try to protect the land which becomes their source of livelihood, such as rice fields, fields, plantations, “she concluded. (shella)



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Enchantment of Podorukun Liberika Coffee: Farmers’ Mainstay For Decades
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