Pendidikan inklusif Gemawan School Community Indonesia Pintar

KALBAR SATU – In an effort to encourage the participation of civil society in actualizing inclusive and quality Indonesia, 10 (ten) School Communities (KS) in Sambas regency which are partners of Gemawan institute in collaboration with YAPPIKA-ActionAid learnt an assessment of Indonesia Pintar (Smart Indonesia) Program (PIP) at Pantura Jaya Hotel, Sambas, Sunday-Monday (09-10 / 12/2019).

The activity was held on the first day with the theory and the making of information list to be explored, regarding accuracy of target, distribution to disbursement, accuracy of use and public involvement in facilitation by YAPPIKA-ActionAid.

On the second day, the participants of field practice School Community visited SDN 29 Suka Ramai, Sambas District, and SDN 19 Medang, Sejangkung District. Meanwhile the aimed targets were the school, school committee, village government, and parents of Indonesia Pintar program recipients facilitated by Gemawan CO Team.

Maryono, one of the participants, stated that the activity was directly felt by the community, that there were many problems the community have not known.

“Indonesia Pintar Program has so far been felt by the community to be little known and there were also many problems found in the field,” he said.

In line with what was stated by Nizan, it is expected that in the future the recipient data needs to be improved.

“There is lack of socialization so that many people do not know either how to propose or withdraw and even the recipient data that needs to be corrected in order to be more valid,” he hoped.

In her remarks, Nurfauzah as the District Coordinator, conveyed that her involvement was an effort to advance Indonesian children.

“Our effort to get involved in advancing and educating Indonesian children is a form of amal Jariyah (good deed) in which the rewards will continue to flow to the hereafter,” he explained.

This kind of school community activity, Nurfauzah continued, is only one of the positive activities and there are many other activities which can support the quality of education.

“Particularly in Sambas regency, it is expected that the existence and activities of this school community will be maintained even without the assistance and programs from Gemawan institute,” he concluded. (Citizen Journalist)



School Communities in Sambas Learn Assessment of Indonesia Pintar Program
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