Pendidikan inklusif Gemawan School Community Indonesia Pintar

PONTIANAK SATU – The world of education seems to never have an end of subjects of discussion with their complexity and problematics, from classic issues such as educational services, facilities and infrastructure, teaching and learning processes, regulations and so on.

Not far from the border area of Indonesia – Malaysia, covering roughly 90 minutes to the borderline of PLBN Aruk, located in Sambas regency, Teluk Keramat district, Teluk Kembang village, SDN 12 of Sange Mangge is one of the primary schools (SD) which is supposed to be an example of school community activities.

School community is a forum for parents, communities, committees, school principals, teacher councils, village government and people around the school environment to agree, discuss, deliberate, and socialize regarding development, progress, challenges, problems and solutions which become the focus of primary level education.

Most of the people in Teluk Kembang village work as farmers. The village community awareness on education is still very low, so that it inspires and moves hearts.

Jaldi as the coordinator and member of the School Community is supposed to make changes to the primary school (SD) in his village.

Since the activities of the school community are functioning, there have been many changes happening in the school environment, especially at SDN 12 of Sange Mangge. This cannot be separated from the roles.

The school community which is part of the school committee is no longer functioning as a school administrative complement but its existence makes a positive contribution to the development and progress of the school.

The level of community participation has increased. It can be seen from some meetings conducted by the school community. There were many parties involved including parents, school heads, teachers, village heads, village officials, BPD, PKK, Posyandu cadres, KPM cadres and local communities.

Mutual cooperation in cleaning the school environment from garbage, improving water flow in ditches or sewers and constructing school building in the form of self-management are parts of the activities of the School Community.

The presence of the school community has given a new color and becomes the spearhead of transformation at the environment of SDN 12 of Sange Mangge. The school community also, in its realization, has a highly important role, thus it is implemented in being involved in planning, implementing, assisting, monitoring, supervising, and evaluating the school policies.

With the existence of such activities, people’s mindset in Teluk Kembang village is increasingly improved and becomes enthusiastic in the efforts to promote and actualize inclusive and quality education.

Jaldi revealed that education is not merely the responsibility of the school, but is shared responsibility and duty.

“Among them, parents are major, community, government and schools. To make it happen, we have to work together with the spirit of mutual cooperation,” he said when contacting the team of Media Satu, Wednesday (12/12/2019).



School Community as Spearhead of Inclusive and Quality Education Realization
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