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Gemawan News-Anti-Corruption School was held by Gemawan coordinated by Sri Haryanti, an Expert Legal Staff of Gemawan, in the Office Hall of Swandiri Institute, which was directly opened by the Secretary General of Transparency International (TI) Indonesia, Dadang Trisasongko, (Wednesday/21/9/2016).

The Anti-Corruption School activity abbreviated as SAKsi was attended by participants with a total number of 35 people, coming from several regencies and cities in West Kalimantan, as well as from various campuses and even various youth organizations.

Dadang Trisasongko, with his familiar nickname as Dadang, said that it is necessary to foster the enthusiasm of youth in building an anti-corruption movement related to several things which become the main complex problems of the country.

Gemawan’s step, Dadang continued, by opening an Anti-Corruption school is an initial alternative in building character and capacity in growing the spirit of the generation of development successors in every line of agencies in the future.

“Therefore, SAKsi is a pioneer among activists and communities in West Kalimantan which is going to trigger the birth of the next SAKsis as a forum for Anti-Corruption Activists,” he emphasised.

In addition, the activity was continued with presentation to the participants of  SAKsi facilitated by Gemawan’s facilitator, Encep Endan, with a discussion of material related to several agendas to be conducted.

One of the materials presented at the beginning of the activity was Knowledge of the Roles of the Country and Communities in Building Anti-Corruption, as the opening material in the Anti-Corruption School agenda. (Aty / Wly)

SAKsi Agenda of Gemawan, Officially Opened by Secretary General of TI Indonesia
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