Gemawan Distributes Information Boards to 10 Primary Schools to Encourage Accountability of BOS Funds

KALBAR SATU – Gemawan Institute as a local partner cooperated with YAPPIKA Actionaid to distribute information boards to 10 (ten) assisted primary schools (SD).

Ten primary schools which received the information boards included SDN (Public Primary School) 29 of Sukaramai, SDN 06 of Dalam Kaum, SDN 03 of Sempalai, SDN 14 of Simpuan, SDN 15 of Seburing Gresik, SDN 19 of Medang, SDN 20 of Parit Cegat, SDN 28 of Mengkayar, SDN 12 of Sange Mangge, and SDN 01 of Tamang Sagang.

The policy advocacy officer (Paco) of Pro-Inqlued program, Muslimah, stated that the reporting of School Operational Aid (BOS) is currently made stricter.

“So, this aid of information boards helped increase the accountability of BOS use,” she told KALBARSATU.ID in Sambas, Friday (21/02/2020) afternoon.

Muslimah also said that those information boards could be used to provide information on either administrative data or other information needed, such as School Expenditure and Income Budget Plans (RAPBS) and School Budget and Activity Plans (RKAS).

“So, various information can be expressed in this media and it varies according to its usage and needs,” she mentioned.

She also explained that actually the objective of this information board aid was to maintain transparency in schools and facilitate public accessibility.

“So far, there are those who think that the school budget is part of a private information, hence with the information board, school information can be known and easily accessible to the public,” she explained.

Meanwhile, District Coordinator (DC) Nuryani also said that this program was an effort to involve the participation of civil society in realizing inclusive and quality education in Indonesia.

“Good education, does not only come from one party. There must be cooperation from all parties, and it is necessary that schools start to also open the doors, so that parents and the community are more actively involved,” she said. (Eko / citizen journalist)


Gemawan Distributes Information Boards to 10 Primary Schools to Encourage Accountability of BOS Funds
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