NGO Synergy and Collaboration – Government Must Uphold Independence and Remain Critical

KALBAR SATU – Executive Director of Gemawan, Laili Khainur said that the Provincial Government has involved civil society in its government.

She conveyed this when becoming a guest speaker for the Public Forum “New Road Map of West Kalimantan: Civil Society Perspectives” held by the Swandiri Institute (SI), Dian Tama and the Youth Force Union (SATU) at Canopy Center Coffee House, Jalan Purnama 2 Pontianak (28/02/2020).

Also attending, CSO activists, Zainudin, Mulyadi HDJ, M Lutharif (Anonk), Maryamah Ahmad, Julia Kam (eco-feminism researchers), Nila Silvana, Haryono, Happy Hendrawan, Reinardo Sinaga (Host) and others.

Laili admitted that in the last 6 months, she had frequently come to Bappeda to fill in the matrix of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and also criticized the programs and work achievements of the provincial government of West Kalimantan.

“In several things we are involved, such as in the field of women empowerment, health, education and others. However, we are not involved in economic sector,” she stated.

She mentioned that there were several feedbacks submitted to the West Kalimantan government regarding homework has to be done. They were evaluations related to employment, women’s issues, participation, public policy and several others.

“We believe evaluations are necessary since they are far from what we expected. The target was still small, yet the achievement was quite big. What does it mean? This means that the planning was not good, the planning was safe. It was like the quality was supposed to be 10 thousand. Meanwhile. This was only 5 thousand,” she mentioned.

Meanwhile, Laili, who is also an NGO woman figure of West Kalimantan, said that the Civil Society Organization (CSO) requires synergy and collaboration with the government. However, independence and criticism must be maintained.

“What I Β wish to personally state, as a civil society organization we must remain independent and critical. What does it mean? Synergy and collaboration is needed with the government, yet our independence must be maintained, “she said.

She also reminded the younger generation to continue to perform critical control functions to the government because according to her it is very necessary to create good governance.

“Young people must do face-to-face agenda and be critical with the government so that the control function appears as a balance,” she added.

NGO Synergy and Collaboration – Government Must Uphold Independence and Remain Critical
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