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PONTIANAK SATU – School Community (KS) and Gemawan institute supported by YAPPIKA ActionAid visited the house of school dropouts at the house of Wanfirdaus (50), Dalam Kaum Village, Sambas District, Sambas Regency, Friday (20/12/2019).

The arrival of the school community was to distribute aid in school supplies to school dropouts and poor families.

The School Community Coordinator of SDN 29 of Suka Ramai, Kardina (40), explained that the aid given can give motivation to continue learning.

“Hopefully, it will motivate them to continue learning and studying in the world of education which requires the children of this nation to study for 12 years,” she explained.

Gemawan and the School Community, Kardin, continued on how in the future we are able to keep working hand in hand to prepare the children of this nation in the globalization world.

“To build the children of the nation with quality, creativity, good characters so that they are ready to compete in the globalization world,” she said.

Meanwhile, Wanfirdaus explained that because of the efforts from Gemawan institute, his child who initially dropped out of school wanted to continue again.

“As a parent, I am very grateful for the efforts from Gemawan institute and friends from the school community to encourage school dropouts to return to school,” he explained.

Since there was an assistance from Gemawan institute, Wanfirdaus continued, his child has been registered to take the package A program exam.

“Insya Allah (God willing), the exam will be taken in April. I have received confirmation from PKBM, my 12-year-old daughter, Wanzakari, has got the motivation to go back to school and wanted to continue her study to junior high school level,” he added.

On that opportunity, Nurfauzah (40), as the coordinator of the Pro-Inqlued program expressed her gratitude to YAPPIKA ActionAid.

“We would like to thank YAPPIKA ActionAid for their help and attention to the Wanzakaria and her family,” she concluded. (Citizen Journalist)

Due to Community Help in Sambas, Underprivileged Family sends child to school
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