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PONTIANAK SATU – In an effort to improve education quality at Public Primary School (SDN) 12 of Sangek Mangge, Teluk Kembang Village Government, Teluk Keramat Sambas District, gives a scholarship program or award as a form of appreciation to outstanding students.

The head of Teluk Kembang Village, Badar (50) stated that the program has been implemented since 2015 until today.

“This far, the awards have been given to students in grade 1 (one) to grade 6 (six) who have good achievement in 2018-2019 school year,” he said, last Monday (23/12 2019).

The head of Teluk kembang village, Badar (50) hopes that by having this program, the children will innovate to study harder, and be ready to compete. Competing in learning to get their achievements.

“This program was declared a success because there has been an increase in the student grades, and there has been changes in their ranks of SD Negeri 12 of Sangek Mangge students every year.” he continued.

The residents of Teluk kembang village expressed that especially in Sangek Mangge hamlet, they really appreciated this Village Government program, Evi (40), one of the members of SDN 12 of Sange Mangge school community.

As a parent of an awardee from the village, she really feels the changes in her child. From that, it can give encouragement and support so that the children will study harder.

“Therefore, it is an honor for us as parents that our child receive an award,” she added. (Citizen Journalist)

Improving Education Quality, Teluk Kembang Village Government Gives Awards to Students
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