BUMDes Can Play Role as Broker to Help Farmers’ Product Marketing

The presence of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) is expected to have a role in helping the groups of female farmers in marketing their resulted products.


This was stated by the Representative of Gemawan Association, Encep Endan, when becoming a guest speaker at a Media Briefing with the theme of strengthening the economic role of women in improving the welfare of families and rural communities, Tuesday (31/10/2017).


“The BUMDes is one of the village economic institutions that must be encouraged together. They are supposed to have a synergy with this women’s farmer groups. The existing BUMDes are expected to facilitate the marketing results of these farmer groups, “explained Encep Endan.

According to him, the problem with the women’s farmer groups is the difficulty in product marketing.


The bitter experience of the farmers as revealed before, he said, was the production results which are still low, while the condition is worsen by the difficult transportation access.


“There are farmers whose production was only 5 kilos, while the distribution or market chain was very long, so that their products were finally not sold.” he said.


Therefore, a strong institution at the village level is required. Moreover, the village must play a role in building the economic institution. Hence, this is where the role of BUMDes is expected.


According to him, the results of community economic income in the program villages fostered by the Women’s Consortium still depend on agricultural products such as field rice, some patterns of lowland rice, vegetables and other horticultural farming.


Not only that, there are plantation products such as rubber and fruit. Then, there is also a potential in the fisheries sector which is freshwater fish farming with a pond/net pattern, as well as mina of rice (fish farming in rice fields).


“With this potential, why BUMDes is not directed to help market the products. BUMDes is the collecting place, then later the marketing outside the village will become BUMDes reponsibilty as well. So, BUMDes acts as a broker or intermediary.” he suggested.


For the establishment of BUMDes, it can be supported by involving capital from the villages. He continued with a small capital, BUMDes could still play a role.


Currently, the Women’s Consortium for Sustainable Livelihoods in West Kalimantan is assisting 21 groups located in Sintang and Kapuas Hulu. This is part of the program of Initiative on Women’s Group Economic Development Strengthening through Sustainable Agricultural Empowerment.


Source: http://pontianak.tribunnews.com/2017/11/02/bumdes-bisa-berperan-jadi-broker-bantu-pemasaran-hasil-tani



BUMDes Can Play Role as Broker to Help Farmers’ Product Marketing
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