pelatihan gps training

Gemawan provided a training on GPS operation in Perigi Landu Village, Sejangkung District, Sambas Regency (12/11/2017). This training was conducted by Gemawan mapping expert, Abang Rustaman, and other members of Gemawan mapping team.

This operational training was attended by the village mapping team of Perigi Landu, Sejangkung, Sambas Regency. This activity ran smoothly and effectively and the village mapping team seemed enthusiastic in participating in this training.

The enthusiasm of the mapping team of Perigi Landu Village can be seen from the many questions the village mapping team asked to Gemawan Mapping Expert.

In this training, the village mapping team was taught several effective and accurate ways to conduct mapping data. With this GPS operation training, it is expected that it can assist the village mapping team in carrying out precise and accurate mapping.

Gemawan provides GPS training to Perigi Landu Village, Sejangkung District, Sambas Regency
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