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Happiness and joy adorn the smiles of Alamanda Women’s Farmer Group, when they saw the yields of the experimental demonstration plots implemented in Semelagi Village, Singkawang City Tuesday (4/10/2016).


Alamanda group is an assisted group from Gemawan in women farmer’s empowerment in Singkawang City, especially in rice farming field.


According to Ridho, a Gender Expert Staff of Gemawan, planting was carried out in early June, with a land area of about 1600 square meters under cultivation, with Saigon as the type of rice variety or often known as Red Rice.


Ridho continued, from the yields produced by the demonstration plots, it is estimated to reach 100 kilo grams, which is a satisfactory result to be sold on the market. With the efficacy produced from this rice, no doubt, the market price of red rice is relatively high enough, reaching 17,000 – 22,000 Rupiahs per kilo.


He said the planting of this rice variety was an initial experimental step of the Making of the Saigon Rice Demonstration Plot assistance.


This age of Saigon rice variety after planting until the harvest is about 4 months. The planting method also still uses the traditional local method, without using chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides only use herbicides.

“With this traditional planting method, even the Impangau and Wereng pests did not attack the plants too much,” Ridho said.

He mentioned, in the stage of assisting the women’s farmer groups, by planting Saigon rice variety or is known as Red Rice, will improve the stage of household economy, especially for women. “In the future, we hope that with the existence of red rice demonstration plot, it will be an example for women farmer groups in West Kalimantan,” he concluded. (WLY)



Women’s Farmer Group “Alamanda”, Having Great Harvest in Singkawang
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