School of Village Women Sekolah Perempuan Desa

Director of Gemawan, Laili Khairnur, revealed that five villages in Sambas Regency became the targets by the School of Village Women program from Gemawan Association, so that women have the courage to speak up to fight for their fate for the sake of development at the village level.

It was stated that the association she is leading has programs for village empowerment, especially for women. One of them is the School of Village Women, in which activities have been running for four months.

“At the moment, the participants of the School of Village Women have received certificates, which indicate that they have passed the first phase of this program,” Laili Khairnur stated, Friday (23/12) in Sambas.

In Sambas, she said, for the first batch, there were five villages which already implemented the School of Village Women program, including Penakalan Village, Sekuduk, Sulung in Sejangkung District, and then Lumbang Village and Sebayan Village in Sambas District.

“From these five villages, there were 40 women and teenage girls who became the participants, or around eight people per village,” she said.

The School of Village Women, Laily explained, is held at the Village Hall of every village, with two face-to-face meetings per week.

“Meanwhile, for the materials presented, there were eight materials delivered by speakers from Gemawan in every village,” she explained.

It was also conveyed that through the School of Village Women, it is hoped that it can build women’s participation at the village level.

“We do not want, that the village only focuses on village funds, but seems to have forgotten the community development program. “Because based on the Village Law, the activities through village funds can answer the democratic crisis in the village and the development crisis in the village, where during this time village is considered the last, whereas the communities are in the village,” she said.

Then answering the welfare crisis, Laily continued, because the development which has not been done in the village made the level of welfare minimal.

It was conveyed that Gemawan wanted, through this program, women at the village level have the courage to speak up, provide ideas, in order to support development in the village and fight for the fate of women at the village level.


Gemawan Targets 5 Villages in Sambas for School of Village Women Program
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