Handicraft Products Hasil Kerajinan Tangan

Gemawan News- Routine activities of women’s group assistance in preserving art cultural values in the community of Sambas Regency became a priority for gender activities and truggles conducted by Gemawan, in Sekuduk Village, (8/10/2016).

Assistance to women’s groups in the art field is an alternative step to empower women in Sambas regency, especially accompanied with the modernized life which shelters the younger generation today, making Sambas Malay cultural arts a little faded.

By empowering these groups of craftswomen, it will rise the spirit of the younger generation and stimulate their interest in the preservation of the culture of local wisdom in Sekuduk village.

Related to gender advocacy in Sekuduk Village, it is a movement that was founded by Gemawan in fighting for women’s groups in Sambas regency. According to Nurfauzah, a Gender Expert Staff of Gemawan, the women’s handicraft group assistance is a thoughtful step in encouraging local wisdom in the village to improve the quality of the economy in enhancing the local community welfare. Nurfauzah continued, the products resulted were plaits made from bamboo and pandan leaves. Even the locals frequently call it Sekek leaves, which are processed into baskets with classic and unique models. “Moreover, the woven baskets produced are quite beautiful and attractive to be used as decorative souvenirs in the house,” Fauzah said. She added, besides empowering the field of arts, the main thing that must be considered is related to the analysis of market opportunities in creating public interest in these handicraft products. “Moreover, with technological system which is increasingly developed, it will make it easier to market handicraft products through social media this time,” she said. (WLY)

Handicraft Products of Sejangkung Village Orchid Women’s Group are Increasingly Rising
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