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The collaboration committed between Sinar Pagi Farmer Group and Sambas Regency Department of Agriculture in the field of Organic Gardens through Organic Village Program which has been runing for 3 months made the office amazed by the results of the Organic Gardening Method, last week in Keranji Sambas Village, (26/9 / 2016).

The Organic Village Program will run for approximately 5 years, which was agreed by the Department of Agriculture and KWT Sinar Pagi in assisting the Women’s Farmer Group regarding Organic farming activities.

The output of the program from the Department of Agriculture is to make Keranji village an organic agricultural village which will become a pilot village for other villages.

Previously, KWT Sinar Pagi had conducted organic gardening activities which had been running for 1 year assisted by Gemawan Association.

Regarding the assistance until it can show results, even there is no doubt that the results obtained by the KWT at harvest time were around 700 thousand Rupiahs last month.

According to Wati, a Gender assistance staff of Gemawan, there were previously 2 groups formed, namely Asoka and Sinar Pagi groups. It is only KWT Sinar Pagi which  focuses on Organic Garden.

The KWT consists of about 25 people, and everyone comes from Keranji Hamlet and is active in women’s group activities.

Wati continued, seeing the success rate of the KWT in empowering land which is only around 1/4 Ha, by farming organic vegetables.

“Even at this moment, there are several other types of plants besides organic mustard greens. there are also water spinach, long beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies, carrots and broccoli,” Wati said.

The same thing has also been done by several KWT members who have started planting in their own house yards using polybags.

“This is a follow-up action from organic gardening in groups to planting in the house yard. No wonder, the children’s playground has also become a vegetable garden,” Wati said jokingly.

The same thing was also said by Budiana, the Head of Sinar Pagi KWT Group. At first, he did not think that just farming in the yard could generate household income.

So there is no doubt that the plant’s products are visited by the buyers themselves without the need to sell them in the market, because looking at the people’s consumption needs for fresh vegetables are more increasing. “Even the Group Garden was once visited by the Regent’s wife to buy our group’s vegetable crops”, Budiana said. (WLY)



Sambas Department of Agriculture Admires Organic Vegetable Garden of Women’s Farmer Group (KWT) Sinar Pagi
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