Kolaborasi cegah Kebakaran Hutan Revegetation

An effort to restore burned land and forest with environmentally friendly, superior, and economic crops (revegetation) was made in three villages in Maya Island District, North Kayong Regency.

The burned land is very large so that it becomes the spotlight of various parties to be allocated with various proposed options. However, environmental improvement aspect is more priority, putting emphasis on environmentally friendly and economic forest plant species for the community.

The staff of Non-Governmental Organization Gemawan in North Kayong Regency, Welli Arma, said that after the 2015 fire, it left a large expanse of area included in the production forest area function, even in protected forest area, especially two villages in Maya Island District, namely Kemboja Village and Satai Lestari Village.

Revegetation: Collaborative Action

However, Welli explained, the most extensive burned land was in the stretch of peatland area, particularly in Kemboja Village, which also becomes an land connection access in the three villages bordering with Teluk Batang Village, and separated by a river.

“We are trying to encourage the protection of the land and the scheme for forest plant revegetation with economic value, so that the future condition of the area is protected from fires. Therefore with public awareness, it can keep the improvement of the economy of village communities, ” Welli stated in Sukadana, Friday (5/2).

A similar statement was made by the Forest Management Unit (KPH) Officer in Maya Island, Zulhiar. He said that at this time the community also needed to be made aware of the importance of forests and land protection and use.

He added, KPH still encourages the community to protect the forest, even though the area no longer has timber stands. However, it can be allocated by doing revegetation again on fruit species forest crops.

Even today, continued the Mover Youth of Maya Island, KPH of North Kayong is also proposing to plant jengkol, areca nut, petai, matoa, and various other types of plants.

“The community really supports us in reforesting Maya Island District, because with the current condition, the vegetation of water infiltration from forest plants has very sad condition. This is also our step to mitigate floods like what happened in several other regencies, “said the man who is closely called Jul.

He hopes that the support from stakeholders in encouraging the reforestation process of Maya Island District with economic forest plants will become one of the priority scales of North Kayong Regency program. (Arf / yun)



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Revegetation of Burned Land in Maya Island
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