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Sintang Women’s Union conducted Organizational Strategic Planning activity on February 18 – 19, 2021. This activity was attended by the committe of Sintang Women’s Union, the representatives of women’s groups from 4 villages, and from Gemawan Institute as the assistant and facilitator of this activity. Taking place at Bagoes Guest House, Sintang, this activity was started with a seminar with the theme “Sintang Women’s Union Towards Village SDGs”. The guest speakers for this activity were from the Department of Family Planning, Women Empowerment and Child Protection, and the department of Agriculture and Plantation of Sintang Regency.

Uray Endang from Gemawan Institute, in his welcome remarks, stated that this women’s union had been formed since October 10, 2017. “Since it was formed nearly 4 years ago, the activities of this women’s union have been mostly carried out at the village level. As an assisting organization, we see that union is very important, especially to increase their bargaining position in the community. In the future, we will also conduct a School of Women Leaders for this women’s union,” he mentioned.

Women have a very important role in the society

The head of the Department of Family Planning, Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Maryadi, stated that he deeply appreciated the existence of this women’s union. “Women have a very important role in the society. However, their involvement can be said to be quite minimal. With the existence of Women’s Union of Sintang, I hope that there will be more other women who will be involved and entangled in every activity, especially in the village,” she added.

This Women’s Union of Sintang is a combination of 8 groups spread across 4 villages, which are: Kelam Sejahtera Village, Samak Village, Mangat Baru Village and Penyak Lalang Village. These women’s groups have also been active in carrying out initiatives in their own villages. One of them is with the activity of making black rice demonstration plots which is a superior product in Mangat Baru Village.

“We have always made this black rice demonstration plots since the forming of the women’s groups by Gemawan Institute. We previously only planted rice in person and only sold black rice in the village environment. However, since we were taught to make group demonstration plots, and then taught to make a business plan, and to package the black rice, we have been able to sell this black rice product in department stores in Sintang City and even reaching Pontianak. We also shared the seeds of this black rice to other women’s groups in Sambas and Mempawah. I feel like I have a strong connection with them through the black rice seeds.” Said Bernadetha Imi, the head of Women’s Union of Sintang.

This activity resulted in several activity plans which would become a work guidance for the organization, one of which was to form 8 groups in 2 districts, namely Dedai District and Kelam Permai District. “The more women becoming members of the group, the bigger this organization will be. I am also very excited to share the knowledge and experiences we got while being assisted by Gemawan Institute. I hope in the future, there will be a village leader who is a member of this union.” said Aisha, the head of the women’s group at Penyak Lalang Village.


Strategic Planning of Sintang Women’s Union, Encouraging Participation and Involvement in The Village
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