Here are 11 Recommendations for Village Reform Acceleration Resulted from Gemawan’s Seminar and Workshop

Gemawan conducted a seminar and workshop with the theme strong villages, prosperous society at Mahkota Hotel for three days from March 29-31, 2017.


On the last day of the event, which was attended by the representatives of 12 regencies/cities in West Kalimantan, the recommendations for village reform acceleration were formulated.


The Board of Gemawan, who was also one of the facilitators of the event, Hermansyah delivered 11 recommendations. The recommendations are:

  1. To urge the central government to immediately consolidate the village development acceleration affair through one Ministry.
  2. Village development acceleration requires local governments both at the provincial and regency levels which are responsive and quick in making policies to facilitate and supervise the Village in order to be able to implement the Village development paradigm.
  3. To urge the Regency Government to immediately stipulate a derivative of Village Law policies in the form of regional regulations, whether it is regional or regent regulations, for the acceleration of village development.
  4. To urge the Regency Government to ensure the representation of women in village administration, both in village officials and in the BPD and to ensure budgeting priorities for women’s and children’s empowerment programs.
  5. To urge the Regency Government to ensure policies for welfare and performance support, including incentives and disincentives for the village government and BPD in order to work effectively in providing services to society.
  6. Village development acceleration also requires capacity building of village heads and village officials including BPD so that they have sufficient regulatory, bureaucratic and social capacity to accelerate village development.
  7. To encourage a new style of leadership in populist villages by involving broad community participation in the development process.
  8. To ensure the expansion of community participation and initiative as one of the key elements in the formulation of implementation plan and accountability of participatory and inclusive collective historical village development programs, starting from village meetings, village mapping, census, exploration, asset organization, appreciative meetings, planning and budgeting.
  9. To ensure transparent, participatory and accountable governance and Village finance management by assuringa check and balance mechanism.
  10. Development of BUMDes as a new economy in the villages which is oriented towards society welfare, fostering social harmony and caring for ecology so that their livelihoods can be sustainable.
  11. To ensure the emergence of village policies which are oriented towards vulnerable groups welfare and care, such as poor people, women, children and people with disabilities.




Here are 11 Recommendations for Village Reform Acceleration Resulted from Gemawan’s Seminar and Workshop
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