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Cheerful and happy smiles were shown on the faces of Women’s Farmer Groups, when planting rice in the agricultural demonstration plot assisted by Gemawan Association and West Kalimantan Women’s Consortium in Tekalong Village.

According to Ridho, a Gender Expert Staff of Gemawan, the rice planting was done with a land area cultivated for about 1 hectare, by using the Hazton method.

Ridho continued, from the demonstration plot planting activity, it was estimated that dozens of women from various hamlets in the village were seen to be indisputably crowds in the rice fields.

He said that the rice planting was an initial step of the experiment to assist the making of demonstration plot areas where the majority of the people were farming rubber.

For the rice, the age for post planting to harvest is around 4 months. The Haston planting method was also just known in the village, while previously the farming community used the traditional method in farming rice.

Even, there is no doubt that there are still people who are doing shifting farming, so that the location or distance taken is very far to get to the area of community’s fields.

“With the Haston planting method, we hope that the results of the demonstration plot experiment will be more satisfying in Tekalong village,” Ridho said.

He added that through the demonstration plot, there are also social values which in the past was applied by farming with mutual help in order to save more cost in agricultural land cultivation. (wel)


Cheerful Smiles Implied on These Women’s Faces?
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