Desa Gemawan

Director of Gemawan Association, Laili Khairnur said that out of 193 villages in Sambas Regency, 55 of them are in the process of participatory mapping.

“Maps and village borders will be very helpful in the development of the villages in order to support the increase of community welfare in the villages.” she said when being contacted in Sambas, Monday.

She explained that comprehensive maps become urgent to know the village space, in order to be able to feel the maximum potential of the villages, starting from the boundaries, potential or area of agricultural land, and various other important information.

She said that in the process, participatory mapping uses GPS and drones. Therefore, it is able to cover the entire space in a village without being hindered by difficult terrain.

“As information, we are doing participatory mapping not only in Sambas Regency, but also in Kapuas Hulu, Sintang and North Kayong Regencies.” she said.

She added that besides implementing a participatory mapping program, Gemawan is also conducting a Village School assistance program for village officials and village women.

“The aim is so that village officials get an understanding about all kinds of regulations and laws for the villages, and improve the capacity of women in the villages.” she said.



Gemawan Maps 55 Villages in Sambas
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