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Saturday (12/6), Gemawan held Women’s Leader School in Sambas Regency. With the themen Encouraging Women’s Independence to Achieve Equality, this first event was attended by 15-woman cadres who came from Lumbang, Keranji, Sebayan, Parit Raja, Setalik, Penakalan and Lubuk Lagak Villages.

According to the Head of Training and Learning Center of Gemawan, Arniyanti, the participants of the event were woman cadres who have joined School of Village Women or Level One School in Gemawan cadre. “Women play important roles in realizing the SDGs,” Arniyanti said. “The Mainstreaming of women’s roles in SDGs implies that the achievement acceleration of sustainable development goals will happen by involving women in the strategy implementation,” the woman activist, who is commonly caleed Arni, explained.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were proclaimed with the principles of universal, integrated, inclusive, and no-one left behind. Based on these principles, the SDGs specifically target vulnerable groups so that they can participate, contribute, and get an impact in this global action plan.

“To land the SDGs, participation and localizing are needed. This requires the empowerment of women’s groups to take part in global action plans,” Arni added.

Women’s Leader

The Women’s Leader School is one of several schools designed by Gemawan to build critical awareness and leadership of vulnerable groups at the lower level. As the name suggests, the Women’s Leaders School specifically targets women to be able to play a role in just and inclusive social change.

In order to build independence in the learning process, the teaching methodology of the Women’s Leader School is implemented by combining a number of methods, such as andragogy and autonomous learning. “Later, there will be assignments to make short videos to review materials during the learning process,” she explained again.

This activity is planned to be held in five meetings every weekend. “This is considering the activities they have to do during week-days. We do not want to bother their routine on weekdays,” Arni concluded.

Siti Rahmawati, Head of Women’s Division of Gemawan, said that the facilitator of this activity is a member of Gemawan Women’s Division who had been, since long, accompanying women’s groups in Sambas and Singkawang. This is done to eliminate communication barriers among the participants and the facilitator.

“We hope that this activity can be replicated throughout West Kalimantan. Sambas is our pilot project before expanding to other areas,” she explained. “The modules compiled will continue to be revised in order to be more applicable and adaptive to the character of women in West Kalimantan and the changing situations,” she added.


Writer: Arniyanti

Editor: Mohammad Reza


Women’s Leader School: Building Women’s Empowerment for World’s Future
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