Woman and River Perempuan

Collaborated with BothEndsEcoton, and Elsam, Gemawan initiated a program which aims to build the capacity of women’s groups in water resource management. The step was conducted through active involvement of women’s empowerment and participation, and Akar Rumput women’s group including women’s public figures.

Through this program, they will be supported, empowered, and equipped with knowledge and skills in monitoring the quality of their water resource, identifying the source of pollution and the range of impact on gender, health, economy and social related to water pollution.

One of the groups formed was KUMPAI (Mothers’ Group Caring for Water). Founded on January 5, 2019, Amok Ifat was chosen to be the Head of KUMPAI Semakuan. This group which consists of 15 people commonly monitor the quality of water once a month. The results are noted on information board which can be seen by the community.

Besides taking measurement of water quality, they also make ecobricks, collect garbages, plant vegetables and toga (family medicinal plants), farm fish, produce fertilizers and organic pesticides, as well as make black rice demonstration plots. Periodically, they have regular meetings in order to gain more knowledge and exchange information.

On the commemoration of World Environment Day, June 5, 2021 with the theme Life Under Kapuas in Pontianak, Amok Ipat was accompanied by Gemawan’s activist, demonstrating the practice of water quality monitoring based on the experiences he gained during the program. The monitoring practice was done in front of the Mayor of Pontianak.

In the event held by BWS Kalimantan 1 Pontianak, the Mayor of Pontianak, Ir. H. Edi R. Kamtono, expressed appreciation on the achievement shown by Amok Ifat on the commemoration. He expressed his pride and support for the activities of woman members of KUMPAI. He also hopes that their activities can continue running.

Women, if given equal access, will make the world a better place. Not only for themselves, but also for children and nature.

The women in Pontianak, definitely also want to show achievement in keeping our water. Let’s walk hand in hand to take care of our Kapuas.

Happy World Environment Day 2021, restore our Earth. (Reza)


Woman Waterkeepers
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