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Gemawan Developed Peat Care Villages

Gemawan developed Peat Farmers Field Schools (SLPG) to train farmer cadres from four Peat Care Villages in Kubu Raya Regency. A total of 20 cadres of farmer group representatives from Punggur Besar Village, Punggur Kecil Village, Kuala Dua Village, and Teluk Kapuas Village participated.

Marsita Riandini, Kubu Raya


Punggur Besar Village, Sungai Kakap District, was the venue for the implementation of SLPG. For five days from 14th  to 18th October 2020, farmers gained a lot of knowledge about peatland management. Laili Khairnur, Director of Gemawan Association, explained that this was part of a series of activities conducted in two regencies. The objective is to create peat farmer pioneering cadres in order to have skills in implementing leadership and management of Peat Farmer Field Schools from 9 Peat Care Villages in Kubu Raya and Kayong Utara Regencies.

“Besides, field schools are also a means to identify and disseminate models of local wisdom in the cultivation of peatland, exchange of knowledge and good practices among farmers. Because basically the farmers already have extraordinary knowledge and skills, ”added Laili, her familiar nickname.

Laili added, the participants will receive materials and skills during the activities, both in theory and field practice. The participants were directly accompanied by Joko Wiryanto who is a peatland farming practitioner. The farmer cadres will then practice directly in recognizing the characteristics of peatlands, preparing and cultivating peatlands, and implementing the land treatment method with applied organic such as organic fertilizers that were made directly by the participants.

Similar thing was conveyed by Hermawansyah that the model of applying zero burning land management and applying organic agriculture are very beneficial for the farmers to increase added value for the peat land itself and the community’s economy. According to him, the peat ecosystem has unique characteristics, so that proper application is required to fit the needs of the land.

“Field school is a method applied by BRG to answer problems faced by the village farmers in cultivating peatlands. It is expected that the learning method of zero burning and environmentally friendly land management can be adopted by other groups and villages in West Kalimantan, “said the dynamist of BRG, West Kalimantan Province.

Peat Farmer Field Schools

Zuni I, Program Manager of Gemawan explained that this activity was part of a series of collaborative activities between Gemawan and BRG, and supported by UNOPS regarding Strengthening of Farmer Group Capacity through the Development of Field Schools and Mini Demonstration Plots in 9 Peat Care Villages in West Kalimantan. “SLPG is a practical solution for farmers in applying agricultural technology to peatlands using environmentally friendly method. This collective learning is implemented in 9 Peat Care Villages in Kubu Raya and Kayong Utara Regencies, ”said Zuni.

Zuni added, after the training, the participants will apply the skills and knowledge they gain to their own groups. At this level, this group of farmer cadres will conduct the same training for group members by directly practicing to build mini demonstration plots or mini demonstration gardens with an area of 0.5 to 1 hectare of group land.

In the opening of the activity, the Village Head, Anwar M. Noor, explained that the learning in Field School is expected to have an impact on farmers and villages. “This Field School is very good for farmers, and in the future, it can have an impact on farmers by practicing knowledge on how to cultivate land without burning, recognizing suitable plants on peatlands, and applying good fertilizers for peatlands,” said Anwar when opening the Peat Farmers Field School activity.

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Peat Farmer Field Schools to Create Farmer Cadres
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