No less than 70 participants attended the village planning workshop I in Mas Bangun village, from the dynamist of West Kalimantan Provincial BRG, the representatives of Gemawan Association, the representatives of the Department of SP3APMD of North Kayong Regency, Mas Bangun village government board, BPD (Regional Development Bank), community leaders, community groups (PKK, youth groups, women’s groups, farmer groups), Babinkamtibmas, BRG Kalbar Liaison Personnel, all village facilitators of the landscape team of Teluk Batang District, Tuesday (24/7/2018 ) sat together to discuss the restoration agenda which will eventually be planned to be outlined in the upcoming village planning through RKPDes and APBdesa for the next 2019 TA (fiscal year).


Although the air in that afternoon could be said to be quite hot, it did not reduce the spirit and enthusiasm of the participants who came. There were various materials presented by the speakers included the material presentation from the dynamist of West Kalimantan BRG, Hermawansyah, regarding the protection and utilization of community-based ecosystems, and then continued with the presentation of material from representative of the Department of SP3APMD in the PMD sector regarding priorities and policy directions of village and rural development policies delivered by Mr. Irwan, and the last one was material presentation regarding the urgency of community participation in the planning and implementation of village development and peat restoration by M. Isa from Gemawan Association. All of them were listened attentively and were full of enthusiasm from all participants.


The involvement of community and support from village government like this are very important assets in guarding the restoration agenda, especially in respective assisted village which becomes the restoration target in Indonesia.

Guarding Restoration Agenda with Village Planning Workshop
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