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The important role of women in managing economic resources is indeed highly important to keep being developed.


Not only for career women who work in offices, housewives also have the same role, improving and supporting the economy of the family. This spirit is one of the viewpoints of a women’s organization in Pantura area or the North Coast of West Kalimantan.


An organization with a spirit to advance the role of women in various fields was founded. The aim is to provide space for women, especially housewives, to do positive activities with also a positive impact, which is a rupiah source for the family.


It is the North Coast Women’s Union or commonly abbreviated as Serumpun, a women’s organization based in Sambas Regency involving dozens of members from Singkawang City and Sambas Regency.


Serumpun is currently chaired by Budiana, a woman from Sambas Regency. Budiana said that Serumpun presently has various productive activities.


“The establishment of Serumpun was due to the existance of a women’s group fostered by NGO Gemawan. Then we made this organization. Serumpun is the North Coast Women’s Union consisting of around 20 women from Singkawang and Sambas. It was established on May 24, 2009. The first congress was in Singkawang.” Budiana said, Thursday (11/1).


Various activities are developed and directed by the members of the organization.


“Our activities are various, from making woven crafts, weaving to producing consumer goods such as snacks and cakes and even agriculture,” explained Budiana.


Serumpun indeed directs its members a lot to develop economically, so that they can help improve family welfare.


“We are more towards UKM (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). For example, in Sambas we have weaving and plaited products. In agriculture, there is empowerment of black rice cultivation, utilization of forest land. The point is what housewives can do to help the family economy.” Budiana said.


Serumpun has even been awarded by the international community due to their innovation. A European non-governmental organization affiliated with the UN Unesco once gave the award to Serumpun.


“We received an award in 2012 from the World Craft Council for weaving crafts which used natural dyes.” Budiana stated.


Serumpun also strives to help its members to market handicrafts, processed and harvest products through the Serumpun Store which is located on Jalan Muhammad Safiudin, Dalam Kaum Village, Sambas District.


“They also have their own customers. In Singkawang, there are also our members who have a cake business which already has many customers. In Keranji Hamlet, Tanjung Mekar Sambas Village, there is a member who has a fresh garden. The customers can directly buy those that are still in pots or polybags.” Budiana said.


Budiana hopes that Serumpun can generate synergy with many parties.


“We have hopes that all potentials that can be relied on can be involved in BUMDes (Village Owned Enterprises) so that they can be synergized. We are currently making an effort on it.” Budiana said.


Serumpun, Women’s Organization Focusing on Productive Activities
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