Krisis iklim Village Economy

Executive Director of Gemawan Association in West Kalimantan, Laili Khairnur, believes that it is time for village communities to rise economically and one of the ways is through Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes).

Khairnur stated that the village communities must be more creative in creating products with added values. The Village funds can be used for BUMDes, which has to play a role in optimizing the village potentials, especially MSMEs.

The village must also be accurate to see the promising market, and become a supplier to the market’s needs.

The villages also have to be thorough to see a promising market, and become suppliers to the market’s needs. If this is actualized, then the flow of urbanization can be restrained.

“Unfortunately, there are not too many BUMDes in West Kalimantan, so that the economic benefits are not much felt. I think there are only four percent of the villages owning incorporated BUMDes. “The number should be able to be much higher,” she said.

Regarding the use of Village Funds, she explained that it has to be adjusted to the needs and potential of repective village. Until toady, there has been no comprehensive study and research discussing the potential of every village or area.



Gemawan: Time for Village Economy to Rise through BUMDes
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