Participatory Village Mapping

The Department of Social and Village Community Empowerment of Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan, appreciates the activities carried out by a community empowerment organization, Gemawan, which is ssisting in participatory village mapping.

“We really appreciate Gemawan Association which has been working hard to implement this participatory mapping program. We admit, the information related to village boundaries often becomes a specter for the government in villages and regencies.” the head of Sambas Regency Department of Social and Community Empowerment, Yusran, said when being contacted in Sambas, Monday.

Yusran explained that the conflict potential frequently comes to the surface due to the unsynchronized information of boundaries among villages, especially with the coming of plantation investment. This is the cause of the emergence of agrarian conflicts among villages and their communities.

“The potential for the emergence of problems or conflicts also puts an emphasize on the factor of unaccomplished village borders. We really appreciate the participatory mapping program by  Gemawan Association.” he said.

He explained that villages have a very strong magnet, with Nawacita (nine-point development agenda) of the president to develop rural areas and villages, this commitment has been implemented for two years.

“The villages have received exceptional funds. Therefore, the villages need more assistance.” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Semanga Village, Sejangkung District, Jube Herzami, said that the existence of a participatory mapping program by Gemawan association is expected to be able to reduce the emergence of conflicts among the villages.

“Today, one or two meters of land in village areas is very valuable. This is due to the large number of oil palm companies which make investments.” he said.

Jube also promised to optimally assist this participatory mapping program.

“We have allocated this at Apades (Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget) so that this mapping can be accomplished.” he said.



Department of Social and Empowerment of Sambas Appreciates Participatory Village Mapping
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