Gemawan Has Village Women’s School

Director of Gemawan, Laili Khairnur, said there were several programs aiming to improve the capacity of village government, community, village women and strengthen the village economy.


“In Gemawan, we now have a series called village school. So, this is to improve the government capacity and village communities. For the women, we also have a school so that the village women with the materials and modules we have made. Gemawan also has a program to strengthen the economy of village communities. We want to encourage the villages to be independent and establish BUMDes. In Gemawan, there are also some fellows who open consultating services for village officials to discuss with us.” she said.


In her opinion, with 11 recommendations from the seminars and workshops she made with 12 representatives of regencies/cities in West Kalimantan, she expects the help from the media to publish and it can be conveyed to the Director General of village empowerment or can be directly conveyed. Then, she will write to the regional heads in regencies/cities whose responses are slow in responding to the Village Law.


“Regarding the leadership to implement the Village Law, besides being populist, responsive and committed, there are not many regional heads who talk about villages. However, when the regional elections run, all people talk about villages, but in the realization, there are many problems occur. Being populists is not enough. Populists are those people who know and are close to community problems.” she said.


Laili also said that with the existence of the Village Law, the regional heads should not make it as a burden. However, with the Village Law and its realization, it will simplify the tasks of regencies/cities in the villages.



Gemawan Has Village Women’s School
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