GOING BY BUS: Director of Gemawan, Laili Khairnur (right), gathered with 23 people to visit Sintang, to attend a Workshop on Preparation for 2016-2017 MCA-Indonesia Program Implementation at My Home Hotel, Sintang, Wednesday (17/08/2016). Photo: Agus Budiman/GEMAWAN.


Sintang, GEMAWAN.

The Consortium for Women and Life Sustainability in West Kalimantan held a Workshop on Preparation for 2016-2017 MCA-Indonesia program implementation, located at My Home Hotel in Sintang, Thursday (18/08/2016).


With the theme, “Initiatives for the Strengthening of Economic Development of Women’s Groups through Empowerment and Sustainable Agriculture”.


This consortium consists of Independent Community Development Asociation (Gemawan) with Dian Tama Foundation, Borneo Women’s Resource Development Center (PPSW), Equator Woman Journalist (JPK), and Simpai Kapuas with the support of Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Indonesia.


Wednesday afternoon (17/08/2016), one day before the event started, the consortium group gathered in Pontianak to take a bus to Sintang city. The bus has 24 seats for passengers, and two seats for a driver and the assistant.


However, when the trip reached Ali Anyang roundabout in Sungai Ambawang, there was an obstacle. Finally, it was decided by the bus fleet authority to replace it with a new bus. As a result, it was only at around 16.00 that the bus left for Sintang via Tayan. At around 24.00 the participants finally arrived at the hotel location where the workshop was held.

Thursday morning (18/08/2016), a briefing in the hall of My Home Hotel, a group of workshop participants from Pontianak, finally met the participants from Sintang and Kapuas Hulu regencies.


The briefing was facilitated by Ridho Faizinda with an introduction game. The goal was to get to know each other better. The participants were grouped according to area or regency/city and were pleased to be acquainted. They time was 10 minutes.


Ten minutes later, the participants were grouped as married and not. Afterwards, a photo was taken as a memory.


Furthermore, the participants were invited to sit back and were required to explore the negative and positive sides, as well as hobbies of the people to the right and left sides of them. Since the participants reached 30 people, there was atmosphere of jokes and laughter in the introduction session from the organization.


Starting from the introduction of the place, origin, positive and negative sides to hobbies, it invited a humorous atmosphere in the hotel. Even the shoe size could become a big fuss, because the shoe size was small but the shirt size was triple L.


“Lembaga Gemawan is the host of this program consortium, therefore on behalf of the consortium, I officially open the Workshop on Preparation for 2016-2017 MCA-Indonesia Program Implementation in Sintang,” Laili Khairnur, Director of Gemawan Association, stated. (Gemawan-Mud)



Workshop on Preparation for 2016-2017 MCA-Indonesia Program Implementation Officially Open
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