pembangunan desa Village Development

The speaker from Swandiri Institute as well as the Board of Gemawan Association, Muhammad Isa said that the challenges to build starting from the village level are very tough.

Meanwhile, the spirit of village law is to encourage changes from the village basis directly initiated by the community.

“Therefore, our work now is to complete the preconditions in order that all democratic and managerial procedures which have been prepared by the village funds for village development can be fulfilled. One of the important requirements is community participation.” he said to Tribun Pontianak, Tuesday afternoon (12/9/2017).

Hence, there must be encouragement to critical groups at the guarding level in monitoring it. This is because one of the preconditions for village development at the village level requires commitment from the regency.

“Learning from the experience in 2005, started from the first time the law was implemented, there was indeed only one regency in West Kalimantan which had a strong and clear commitment and the law on the acceleration of village development which was North Kayong,” he said.

In fact, North Kayong Regency has prepared apparatus at the regency level to encourage the village development acceleration.

However, in the development, it is also encouraged from the national to provincial levels so that today all regencies have to be ready to support the process of development implementation at the village level.

“The readiness is to prepare the policy infrastructure at the regency level because this law must be technically translated through regional regulations and regent regulations so that village heads are no longer confused in implementing village law. The guidance is clear and has been technically arranged so that they just need to implement what has been prepared.” he concluded.




Swandiri Institute: Community Participation Urgent in Village Development
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