ICW and Gemawan Conducted Research on BPJS in Pontianak

Gemawan and ICW held a media briefing regarding the research findings on the implementation of BPJS Kesehatan (Healthcare and Social Security Agency) in the city of Pontianak.

The media briefing activity was also attended by BPJS of Pontianak City branch at the Canopy Center, Jalan Purnama Dua Pontianak, Monday (11/9/2017).

In addition, there was also a presence of Ombudsman representative from West Kalimantan to see the findings of Gemawan regarding the implementation of JKN (National Health Insurance) program managed by BPJS Kesehatan.

Gemawan monitored JKN-BPJS Kesehatan, especially the KISPBI (Premium Assistance Recipients) program. The monitoring program carried out by Gemawan, besides aiming to monitor and investigate access, quality and service quality, it was also mapping the fraud potential that occurs in the provision of BPJS services, especially the PBI program.

In addition, this program was also to encourage the improvement of BPJS Kesehatan services and health facility services for KIS PBI participants.

Several things that became the monitoring focus were issues of access and quality of healthcare services, especially for impoverished society, BPJS governance and healthcare services as well as vulnerable point to the occurrence of fraudulent practices (corruption) in the provision of BPJS services.

Source: http://pontianak.tribunnews.com/2017/09/11/icw-dan-gemawan-lakukan-penelitian-bpjs-di-pontianak


ICW and Gemawan Conducted Research on BPJS in Pontianak
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