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After knowing some of the benefits that we can get by starting a business from home, or this home-based business, so the next option we can make is choosing the type of business that is suitable to run.

ONCE I ordered various coconut-based cakes, namely coconut dodol, coconut sweets and coconut musekat. I bought this cake from a friend who used to claim to have participated in an international aid program.

As far as I understand, this program aims to provide technical support to a number of selected regions, including MSMEs, Cooperatives, Village-owned Enterprises (Bumdes), Joint Village-owned Enterprises (BUMDESMA), individual businesses and others, which are specifically located in the area of National Development Priority Zone (KPPN) to create innovation on local and regional economy development.

I ordered these miscellaneous coconut snacks through his Facebook social media. Coincidentally, my friend is quite diligent to post her various selling items on her social media. To her, this method is considered very effective in getting the market and increasing her earnings. Additionally, in front of me at that time, a number of dishes which were coconut derivative products that were processed into very tasty and savoury snacks were already served.

It can be said that these three types of snacks are almost seldom found or have been rare on the market. There writing “Special snacks of Old Time” was printed on the label, creating impression coming from my heart. To me, it was one of the targets and market strategies that are quite interesting to attract customers, where the seller brought up local product ideas that are rarely circulating in the market.

At the first bite of the cake that I bought, the old sensation was really felt in my mind. My childhood memories, when my grandmother, who was very old, occasionally made this snack when I visited her house in the village seemed to be present in my eyes while enjoying the sweet and savoury sensation of the coconut.

According to my friend, from her current business she has been able to generate income up to millions of rupiah per month, and she has been able to pay two employees to help her in production and empower mothers around her house to be active in doing business with their skills. Perhaps, my friend’s story is one of the success stories of home businesses run by mothers. For sure, there are many other successful and developed household businesses that we can see.

The household business which is run by most of women truly cannot be underestimated. As a financial support for the family’s economy, this home business must be admitted to have indirectly contributed quite significantly to the economy of this country.

In the midst of an economic downturn, whether it is the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia since early July 1997, in which economic activity was also paralyzed due to the increasing number of companies which shut down and the increasing number of unemployed workers. From many big businesses, only home-based businesses are able to survive in the middle of the economic storm. Similar with what is happening today, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, where the pace of the Indonesian economy continues to weaken and has even progressed to a negative direction in the second quarter of 2020, in fact home businesses are still able to survive.

If we look together at things that make home businesses able to survive amid the devastation of Indonesian economy, here the writer tries to summarize them into several points, including:


Big Capital is Not Needed

Running a home business is one of the ways to reduce business capital and production costs, since we can take advantage of the home potential as business facilities and infrastructure. For example, making a terrace or a garage of a house as a business location, using household furniture as business equipment and use workers from family.


It is easy for business people to manage time between business and family

One of the advantages of a home business is that business people can look after their family while running the business. The home business runs well, the family is not neglected.


Work time is more flexible

Managing a business from home, does not require routine work every day outside the home, like an office which requires to work between 08.00-16.00.


The controlling process is easy

Indirectly, running a home business makes it easier to control the business, from the production process to product sales.


It Gives inner satisfaction

Apart from getting the benefits in the form of monthly income, running a business from home also gives inner satisfaction to the owner. “No matter how small your business is, you are the boss, that was the wise words from Bob Sadino.


Take advantage of online sales

The Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) mentioned 196.7 million or 73.7 percent of Indonesian population have become internet users in the quarter of 2020. For sure, this has become a new market that home businesses should not miss. The existence of the internet as far as possible can be used to increase income, whether through social media Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, online shops or others.

After knowing some of the benefits that we can get by starting a business from home, or this home-based business, so the next option we can make is choosing the type of business that is suitable to run.

Selling Credits

With the increasing number of internet users, it definitely becomes a business opportunity that can be used. Selling Internet credits does not require large capital. The writer suggests in order that the business can run smoothly, avoid giving debt to consumers, because it can hinder the turnover of capital.

Opening culinary service

For those who have cooking as a hobby, you do not need to think complicatedly to the stage of opening a restaurant. Run the business in a relaxed and fun way, step by step. If you are interested in this business, you can start with a buffet or rice box package, various snacks, traditional cakes, birthday cakes, breads, lapis cakes and so on.

Online selling/drop shipper

The existence of e-commerce definitely makes it easier for anyone to start a home business even by only using a smartphone. This can be done by becoming a drop shipper or goods distributor from the distributor to consumers. We can see the trend of what items are being loved and then offer to people online via social media.

Decorative plant business

The minimalist lifestyle is intensely being discussed in various forums and social media. One of the important elements often mentioned is the presence of plants in the house. Since then, many people started to sell decorative plants, from the classic one, such as aloe vera, to the currently popular one which is monstera. If taken care of well, we can get orders in large parties such as for the purposes of decorating parties, parks, hotels etc. It is a promising business, isn’t it?

Home tutoring business

Besides being able to help parents and students, we can also get financial benefits and this business can be run at home by using the living room or other parts of the house which are quite spacious.

Tailoring business

Well, for those who happen to have expertise in sewing, this business can certainly be the right choice to develop.

Becoming a freelance writer

This one business can be started by writing short stories, poetry, novels, articles, opinions, etc. This business does not only provide financial benefits but also gaining popular name if the writing presented receives a positive response. Being a writer does not require a large cost, only a laptop and the main thing is that you must have a lot of reading material as a reference to write.

Laundry business

Nowadays, all people wish to be very practical and many people have to do work outside the home and have to travel to various destinations. For sure, there is only little time needed to wash their own clothes. By providing laundry services, we can already start a business.

Today, there are many programs both launched by the government and other parties, which encourage the emergence of new business people. However, it can be assured that from a few who have been trained, 10-20 percent people who can succeed are already good enough. The issue now lies in willingness. God will not change people’s fate until the people try to change their own fate. Do not be afraid to fail to start, because if we are always hesitant to start, then we will not know how much effort we have made to succeed in our goals. Good luck.*



Gemawan Activist


Released on the page of Pontianak Post Newspaper on its edition on Wednesday, 6th January 2021


Home-Based Business
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