Paralegal Perempuan

Gemawan in collaboration with ELSAM and BothEnds held a Paralegal Training for Woman Waterkeepers. Taking place at the Pantura Hotel, Sambas, this activity was attended by representatives of the Umak Peduli Aek Group (Kumpai), representatives of cooperatives, representatives of the North Coast Women’s Union (Serumpun) and representatives of the Semangak Village Officials.

According to Sri Haryanti, the facilitator of the Paralegal Training for Woman Waterkeepers, “This training aims to strengthen the understanding and ability of community groups, especially women’s groups, to independently advocate cases related to the environment, particularly the management of water resources.”

Semangak Village is one of the villages in Sambas Regency which depends most of its water needs from rivers. The village, which is located on the banks of Sambas River, utilizes the river for their livelihood, for example to meet protein needs from consuming fish and shrimp. However, water pollution of the river had happened for several times which was caused by extractive industrial waste in the upstream of the river.

The training was opened by Mrs. Septiza, S.T, M.Kes., representing Sambas Regency Environmental Service. The activity which lasted for 3 days from 27th July 2020 was filled with various lessons and simulations related to paralegal advocacy and legal counseling assistance. “By participating in paralegal training, I know more. I thought to become a paralegal, we have to get a higher education. In fact, we don’t have to. Paralegals are my output to help those who need help,”said Pariha, a participant of the training. (WA)

Gemawan Held A Paralegal Training for Woman Waterkeepers
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