Gemawan Forms North Kayong Regency Women’s Group (SETARA) to Actualize Advanced, Unified, Sovereign and Dignified Women

Located at Mahkota Hotel Sukadana, North Kayong Regency, Gemawan Institute conducted a Strategic Planning of Women’s Groups in North Kayong Regency on Thursday and Friday, 25 – 26 February 2021.

This activity was attended by 15 women representing women’s groups from three different districts in North Kayong Regency, they are: Simpang Hilir Districts from Pemangkat Village, Teluk Batang District from Alur Bandung, Sungai Alloy, and Banyu Abang Villages, from Seponti District from Podorukun , Wonorejo, Seponti Jaya and Telaga Arum Villages.

In two days of doing activities, Ridho Faizinda and Uray Kusumajaya, as the Facilitators, assisted the participants to know their own self potentials, introduction to gender mainstreaming about the roles of women which are not only around the domestic area, but also try to open up people’s insights to play a role in a broader scope, such as in the social, educational, economic, political and other fields.

In the meeting which took place while still adhering to this health protocol, the participants agreed to form a women’s group organization called the North Kayong Regency Women’s Union, abbreviated as SETARA.

In this strategic planning, the agenda of the activity and target achievements that will be done over the next three years were also discussed along with budget discussions.

Emi Yanti, as the participant, stated that she was very proud to be able to join the organization under Gemawan Institute. According to her, through the programs and work plans which have been described, she hopes to realize what becomes missions and vision of the organization together in the future. “To me, this is a new experience regarding how we are in an organization in a broader context, how we can play a role, fight for our group as fellow women, from intimidation, all forms of violence, discrimination, economic independence and many more which are definitely very beneficial – not only for ourselves but also the neighbourhood around us, and I am very pleased to be able to join here, “she said.

Meanwhile, Ridho Faizinda who is also a program manager at Gemawan Institute said this is in line with the vision that has been established, namely to actualize advanced, united, sovereign and dignified women; strong politically and independent economically, based on local wisdom, gender justice and ecological justice.

“We hope that in the future, through this SETARA women’s group, new figures will emerge who are able to accommodate women’s interests based on the missions we have built,” he said  during the event.




Gemawan Forms North Kayong Regency Women’s Group (SETARA) to Actualize Advanced, Unified, Sovereign and Dignified Women
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