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Gemawan Association held a book review entitled “Fighting Against Corruption”.

This 478-page book was written by Bambang Widjojanto (BW), who was the chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). The activity was conducted at the Rectorate Hall of Pontianak IKIP PGRI, Wednesday (6/12/2017).


The book author, Bambang Widjojanto, said that this book was actually part of public responsibility. This was because when running the mandate as the chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), what was done had to be accounted for.


“This book is a part of my public responsibility,” he said.


In addition, this book is also used to share experiences, so that there is a learning process. He did not want to gain the knowledge only for himself. In fact, he wanted to share it, so that the book will have benefits.


“Not merely a report, but also a lesson for the public,” he said.


In this book, he started to identify what the problems look like, and they also, in fact, appear today.  In the initial chapter, he talked about the revision of the anti-corruption law and they emerge at the present time. So, what he identified matched what are here today.


“Hopefully, this book can inspire to build strategies and anticipate corruption, especially for youth,” he hoped.


Source: http://pontianak.tribunnews.com/2017/12/06/berkelahi-melawan-korupsi-bw-buku-ini-tanggungjawab-publik-saya

‘Fighting Against Corruption’, BW: This Book is My Public Responsibility
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