Gemawan Pemimpin Perempuan Women's Leaders

WARTA PONTIANAK – The Women’s Leaders School (SPP), which Gemawan launched, held a graduation ceremony for ten alumni of the first batch on Monday (7/3/22).

The implementation of the SPP itself was carried out in June-July 2021, in class and out of class.

Director of Gemawan, Laili Khairnur, explained that SPP is one of Gemawan’s approaches to assisting, empowering and organizing the community.

“The Women’s Leaders School is one of our ways to organize for empowerment and policy advocacy at the village level. This school is expected to encourage the village government to allocate funds for women’s empowerment, especially in leadership issues,” she said.

Laili also explained that the implementation of the Women’s Leaders School is also to build women’s confidence to make decisions based on their perspective in seeing the development around them.

“The struggle for gender equality is not about fighting men, but what we want to build is a fair power relationship towards happiness, prosperity, and justice,” he stressed.

School of Women’s Leaders Creating Women Leaders in Sambas.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Regent of Sambas, Fahrur Rofi, said that the implementation of the SPP was an innovative breakthrough to increase the capacity of women to advocate for themselves from injustice.

“I consider this very important because Sambas is facing severe problems. The result of the Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an (MTQ), which we were proud of last year, was number 6. We have to admit it is related to the number one ranking of the Sambas district in immoral cases, “he explained.

Imah Kusmawati, one of the SPP alumni, conveyed her happiness to have graduated and become alumni.

“I am very happy and excited because I can participate in this SPP graduation. Moreover, this activity was attended by the Deputy Regent of Sambas. Hopefully, in the future, these SPP alumni can occupy strategic positions in the village with the experience gained from this SPP, “said the Chair of the Women’s Group of Parit Raja Village, Sejangkung District. (*)

Source: Pontianak News

Translated by: Ridho Faizinda


Women’s Leaders School 2022: Creates Women Leaders in Sambas

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