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Deputy Regent of Sambas, Fahrur Rofi, attended the Dialogue and Graduation of the Women’s Leaders School held by Lembaga Gemawan. This activity carries the theme “The Role of Women Leaders in Development” held in Sambas on Monday (7/3/2022).

In his remarks, Deputy Regent Fahrur Rofi said that the school initiated by Lembaga Gemawan was essential for the community and the Government of Sambas Regency.

As he states in the opening speech, Sambas Regency faces severe problems related to sexual violence against women and children. That is why women’s empowerment programs in Sambas Regency need to be promoted.

“Sambas are number one in West Kalimantan regarding sexual violence against women and children. That is why we continue to encourage empowerment and self-actualization programs for women. We consider this Women’s Leaders School very important for the people of Sambas Regency and the Satono-Rofi government,” she said.

Furthermore, Deputy Regent Fahrur Rofi said that in the future, the Sambas Regency Government would launch the Sambas Children’s Character and Character Development Movement (Gerbang Kartiasa) program.

Sync Gerbang Kartiasa with Women Leaders School Alumni

Wabup Fahrur Rofi wants the Gerbang Kartiasa program to be in sync with the program initiated by Lembaga Gemawan so that women who participate in the school can take part in government programs.

Deputy Regent Fahrur Rofi explained that the idea of ​​the Pintu Kartiasa program was how to suppress the phenomenon of sexual violence.

“We are grateful that Gemawan’s activities can foster women, especially mothers. I hope that this can be sustainable. In the future, we will have the Gerbang Kartiasa program. I hope that women who attend this women’s leader school can participate in the program,” he said.

Source: Public Relations of Sambas Regency

(New Media TVRI West Kalimantan)

Gemawan’s Women Leaders School Graduation 2022 for Sambas Means for Community.

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