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The discourse on Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Law revision was again rolled out by the House of Representatives (DPR). However, the agreement which was only attended by around 70 people – out of 560 members of the DPR, in less than 20 minutes, shows more of the efforts to weaken KPK systematically. Moreover, this was done at the end of the term of service of DPR for the 2014-2019 period.

Responding to the plan of DPR, Friday (13/09), West Kalimantan Cares for KPK (Kalbar Peduli KPK) movement took action to refuse KPK Law revision plan. The community alliance consisting of a civil society coalition, university students, and youth organizations took action at Digulis Park, Pontianak.

West Kalimantan Cares for KPK Movement

As the most trusted institution by the public in eradicating corruption, KPK faces big obstacles. According to Sri Haryanti, a spokesperson of West Kalimantan Cares for KPK Movement from Gemawan Institute, β€œThis far, being attacked from outside, KPK is strong. Intimidation, violence, and death threats against KPK personnel do not make this institution weak. “She added that in the draftΒ  of KPK Law revision, there were 10 things that could paralyze the efforts to eradicate corruption by KPK, namely: (1) independence of KPK, (2) limited and complicated wiretapping, (3) formation of supervisory board elected by DPR, (4) limited sources of preliminary investigators and full investigators, (5) prosecution of corruption cases have to coordinate with the attorney general’s office, (6) cases which receive public attention are no longer becoming the criteria, (7) authority to take cases in prosecution is cut, (8) strategic authority of the prosecution process is eliminated, (9) KPK can stop investigations (SP3), (10) authority to manage LHKPN is cut.

In the action which lasted until Maghrib (dusk), the mass of the action stated several points of demands, they were:

  1. To refuse KPK Law Revision which would cut and weaken KPK.
  2. To ask DPR and President not to discuss KPK Law Revision.
  3. To urge President Jokowi to fulfil his promise to strengthen KPK.
  4. To support KPK to remain an independent institution.
West Kalimantan Community Refuses KPK Law Revision
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