Corruption is a universal problem. However, in many countries around the world, corruption is mostly found at the local level, in local government. ” (Robert Klitgaard)

The government, members of the House of Representatives and Election Administrators agreed to keep conducting simultaneous local elections (Pilkada) on December 9, 2020. Voting right holders in 270 regions will elect their leaders. Although getting criticism for considered not having a sense of crisis in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which has been running for 8 months, the local-level democracy party is still running in 9 provinces, 37 cities and 224 regencies. Not to forget, the 2020 simultaneous local elections are also held in West Kalimantan: Sambas, Ketapang, Sintang, Melawi, Kapuas Hulu, Sekadau, Sanggau regencies will take part in this event.


Humans are decisive subjects and own willingness, likewise in these simultaneous local elections. With the will they have, people are not the objects of exploitation – who are very easily complacent by the music played by politicians. People are essentially the determining subjects, with their willingness and consciousness. Therefore, every vote given by the people is a manifestation of independence and honor, thus making it highly priceless, especially for the realization of a more dignified and just development.


To coincide with the commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day, the 2020 simultaneous regional elections are supposed to be a momentum to strengthen commitment and anti-corruption movement, especially at the regional levels. The data released by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) until June 2020, there were 122 regents/mayors (or deputies) and 21 governors/deputies who have been prosecuted by KPK. It is still freshly remembered, in the past one month, there were at least two regional heads affected by the Hand-Catching Operation by KPK, as well as two ministers involving in suspected corruption cases.


Anti-Corruption School (SAKsi) of Pontianak invites people to vote, especially to the first-time voters, to be bold to make the right choice. Hence, SAKsi appealed; Firstly, not to select candidates who are indicated to do corruption. Secondly, to select candidates who have commitment to provide good and clean public services. Thirdly, to figh for the welfare of the community. Fourthly, to reject all forms of money politics. In the current pandemic situation, we also invite voters who are going to the polling stations to maintain strict health protocols as well as ask all elements of civil society to participate in guarding the Pilkada.


We definitely agree that corruption has greatly harmed society, especially in the regional level. We do not want to be victims because of the greed of corrupt regional officials any longer. Services that are supposed to be fast become slow, low costs become expensive, roads that are supposed to be smooth become neglected, rights to education and health become increasingly eroded. Our fate in the next 5 years will be determined by the choices we make today.


Enjoy Using Your Voting Rights, Let’s Make Local Election with Integrity Happen!


Pontianak, 8th December 2020

Contact Person: Sri Haryanti, Head of Gemawan School of Anti-Corruption (SAKsi) 

Simultaneous Local Elections: Strengthening Anti-Corruption Movement and Commitment
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