How Stay Happy


Many people in this world feel bored of this situation because of the pandemic and many activities move at home, because it’s very dangerous if we do the activities by meeting with many people. For now we need to be happy and enjoy what we feel and we do because happiness makes us look young.

Do you know about mental health? Yeah for this time this word it’s very famous because many people discuss about mental health. Based on BBC Newspaper for 10 to 15 % many people have psychology because of covid-19 and not normal. So like the cases they need to stay happy to face the problem and have a solution for this.

I wonder why we have to stay happy? We must feel relaxed, calm, and cool from the problem. If we stay happy we must always smile, exercise, exercise isn’t for your body but very important for you mind because have ion positive and good for your body, eat with healthy food, give compliment, No matter how much modern society steers us toward less sleep, we know that adequate sleep is to good health, brain function, and emotional well-being and we must positive thinking and we make journal for daily activity, with the journal we can be thankful what i do and what i get.

To stay happy it very easy because we don’t need much money seem likes “happy so simple, we need cool and calm, positive thinking. If we have problem we must think that just little problem and have solution.

How Stay Happy
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