First Harvest of Organic Black Rice

The assisted women’s group by Gemawan Institute in Sagu Village, Galing District, Sambas Regency conducted the first harvest of black rice in Binawasa Hamlet, Sagu Village. Last Tuesday (26/1).

The head of the Galing District, Usman, said that he really appreciated the activity of black rice demonstration plot which was managed by the women’s group. This is because the assistance was really beneficial for farmers.

Usman stated that he encouraged people to continue farming because rice is one of the staple food sources for the community. Particularly during the pandemic, the society are demanded to be able to innovate.

“I am very enthusiastic about the variety of black rice because people are more aware of the importance of maintaining health. Moreover, we know that the nutritional content of black rice is very good,” said Usman.

The head of Daun Piawas women’s group, Sagu Village, Aswatiah, stated that the black rice demonstration plot was one of the activities carried out by the women’s group by implementing an environmentally friendly agricultural system.

“The cultivation was carried out only by giving fertilizers and organic pest repellents,” Aswatiah said.

She ensured that the black rice demonstration plot did not use chemical fertilizers and chemical poisons at all. All used fertilizers and organic pest repellents as had been taught by Gemawan Institute.

“We also did not expect that the results were no less competitive than the rice plants that used chemical fertilizers and chemical poisons. We hope that this black rice can be a superior product of the village, “said Aswatiah.

Aswatiah explained, there are many benefits from organic cultivation. Beside it is environmentally friendly and healthy, the expenses to buy fertilizers and poisons are no longer need to be used. In fact, there are many plants around which can be used to make organic pest repellents.

The assistance of Daun Piawas Women’s Group, Sagu Village, Wanti said, Sagu village is one of the villages where most of the people work as farmers. Rice cultivation is mostly to meet family food needs.

With the variety of black rice, he continued, the community hoped to make it a marketable commodity so that it will help improve the family economy.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sagu Village, Halidin, said that he really support the assistance activities and in the future would allocate ADD for women’s groups so that they can develop similar activities.

“With black rice demonstration plot, hopefully there will be many more people, especially the young generation who will pursue agriculture field,” he hoped.

Because from the perspective of economy, he added, the selling price of black rice is quite promising, so that this can be a job opportunity. Moreover, during the pandemic today, there are people in the village who have lost their jobs as migrant workers. (adg)



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First Harvest of Organic Black Rice
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