Beras Merah

The agricultural product of women’s group of Mangat Baru Village, in the form of red rice, was sold out sought by buyers at Radangk House, Kota Baru, Pontianak, Thursday (28/7).

As stated by the Assistant Manager of Women’s Consortium Program of West Kalimantan, Maulana, was surprised to see that the stock of the rice being displayed was sold well. Indisputably, he had to take the rice stock again to farmers.

“At first, we only wanted to display it at the booth, but the rice unexpectedly became the buyers’ target until it was sold out,” he said.


He hopes that in the future, the village must have a superior product that will be produced, so that it is able to become a smasher in the improvement of economy of village community. “It is time for every village to have a desired product which becomes an icon of the village advancement.” he concluded. (wel)


Red Rice of Mangat Baru Village, Sold Out Sought by Buyers
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