87% of Society Reckons Corruption Cases Still Rampant

An Anti-corruption activist of Gemawan, Hermawansyah, said that if reading the survey contents that have been elaborated, 87% of the society believes that corruption is still rampant, which means that the society believes that the corrupt political parties are hard to improve.

“However, on the other side, looking at the performance of the government, especially the law enforcers of KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission). The public are optimistic with 69% and feeling satisfied.” he said.

Therefore, there is an opportunity on how to eradicate corruption by optimizing public participation.

In another survey result, it is also stated that when it comes to the public interests and rights, they are ready to be involved in defending their rights.

β€œThe problem is just that they have not known much information on how to move, what channels can be used to be involved in the agenda of corruption eradication.” he said.

Wawan also said that this would be a challenge for small communities, NGOs and the government to educate and strengthen awareness.

How to encourage public awareness. Starting from the risks and impacts of corruption which results in poor public services, the development quality and this must be related to their interests and rights.

On the other hand, what needs to be conveyed to the community is the need for community participation in concrete forms using any channels.

“Legal channels, for example, or with other instruments, for example by using the right to information, or the right to public service supervision. Those are the channels arranged in the existing regulations.” he said.

There is no need for public concern or fear to participate in the anti-corruption movement.

On the other hand, the strengthening on the improvement of the government governance continues, which means there are collaborative patterns between civil society and the government.

“The anti-corruption movement is an effort that must be made. Do not get bored and just consider that as part of our good deeds.” he concluded.


Source: http://pontianak.tribunnews.com/2017/08/15/87-persen-masyarakat-anggap-kasus-korupsi-masih-parah


87% of Society Reckons Corruption Cases Still Rampant
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