YAPPIKA-ActionAid and Gemawan Follows Up on the Results of School Problem Identification List in Sambas

“However, we still feel grateful and would like to thank the local government of Sambas regency for their efforts to advance and improve our school condition even though it has not been fulfilled based on the school conditions,” he explained.

Ruslan hoped SDN 15 Seburing, in the following year, will receive severe rehabilitation aid.

“Starting from the floor, it has to have cement foundation and roof on the top part,” he hoped.

Pendi (59), as a classroom teacher, added that since the establishment of this school from 1981-1982 SDN 15 Seburing had only been repaired once.

“That was only light rehabilitation on the top part in 2008 from special allocation funds. Until today, there have been a lot of damage and therefore the safety of students and teachers in teaching and learning process is very alarming,” he explained.

In line with what was conveyed by Teguh (11), a grade-6 (six) student, “Our school condition has a lot of damage. If you want to go to the toilet you have to queue and the condition is bad”.

Hardian also stated that to enhance and actualize quality education, there has to be involvement from many stakeholders.

“Such as the increased cooperation between civil society organizations and local governments in an effective way to implement initiatives such as Fundraising,” explained Hardijan (YAPPIKA-ActionAid). (*)


Source: pontianaksatu.id

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