Educational Service = Government Responsibility[1]

Written by H. HILDI HAMID[2]   If poverty and ignorance are human being, then I am the first person who kill them. (Ali Bin Abi Thalib ra) Phenomenal phrase from the main friend of Prophet Mohammed describes that poverty and ignorance are classical problems faced by mankind since the prophetic era. Factually, the expression of the Fourth Leader in Islamic Government show that there is a strong commitment to address the mankind’s problems. In today’s

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Indonesian Presidents Cope with IMF Debts

By : Ireng Maulana Abstract Thursday, October 5, 2006, Indonesia has succeeded to pay its entire debts to IMF (International Monetary Fund). The payment has been one year earlier than the schedule. The debt was totally cleared by paying US$3,2 billion in the second term. Indonesian Central Bank prior to the second term payment has also paid US$3,75 billion on June 2006 (Republika, 2011). This achievement is achieved by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

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Roles of Warship and Trading Ship: Can One Role be Sacrificed?

Roles of Warship and Trading Ship: Can One Role be Sacrificed? A glimpse story of Local NGOs in West Kalimantan, Indonesia By: Ireng Maulana   Abstract Many of local NGOs (Non-Government Organization) are usually effective trading ships in achieving donor assistances internationally and are commonly very active warships to supervise and balance government. On the ground, pursuing International financial aids and balancing the government and other

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