Gemawan Invites People to participate in development monitoring

Sukadana (Gemawannews) – The success of people’s development implementation depends on the role of government and its people. Both must be able to create a synergy. Without involving people, the government can’t have optimal development result, as stated by Director of Lembaga Gemawan, Laili Khairnur, for the opening remark of Workshop of role of people in development monitoring in Kayong Utara district (23/10) at Meeting Room of Hotel Anugrah in Sukadana.
Development is not only required people’s involvement, it also needs appropriate strategy for efficient financing and effective result. “Selection of development strategy is important because it will determine the position of government and people’s roles, so that both can take role optimally and synergistically,” she said.
She added, people should be the actor of development, thus people should be developed and prepared to be able to formulate the problem themselves, plan the required steps, implement programmatic plans, and enjoy the product they produce as well as preserve program that has been formulated and implemented.
“Through this, the government is able to absorb more people’s aspiration, so that development can empower and fulfill people’s needs,” Laili said.
She hoped the workshop can promote the participation of community in development of implementation pland and monitoring.
Mumardi, the head of Selatan Jaya hamlet of Dusun Besar village, stated that the workshop surely improved their knowledge to participate in development, whereas Kayong Utara village is a new formed district.
Ngadiman, a villager of Seponti subdistrict, also stated similar opinion. He said that they have a lot of information and knowledge from the workshop, at first they didn’t understand the monitoring involved people, but now they begin to understand. “We hope the activity like this is continuously implemented, as we are only ordinary people who have minimum knowledge,” he hoped.

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