Gemawan Supports the Establishment of PPID in Kayong Utara district

PPID Kayong Utara

Sukadana (Gemawannews)- The implementation of Law on Public Information Disclosure has given impact on management and governance systems in public institutions particularly about working pattern and data-information flow amongst the working unit in public institutions respectively. In order to implement the information services in a prompt, precise, simple way, every public agency should appoint Documentation and Information Management Officer (PPID).

This was explained in Government Regulation nr. 61 of 2010 on the Implementation of Law nr. 14 of 2008 on Public Information Disclosure, as stated by M.Isa from Lembaga Gemawan in Coordination Meeting of the Establishment of PPID in Kayong Utara district (30/10) at Mahkota Kayong of Sukadana.
The coordination meeting was attended by The Agency of Tranportation, Communication, and Information of Kayong Utara district, Public Relation Section And Protocol Of Kayong Utara District, Planning Agency of Kayong Utara district, and Legal Section of Kayong Utara district.
Lembaga Gemawan will keep supporting the prepation of establishment of Documentation and Information Management Officer (PPID) in Kayong Utara district.
“Several series of activities related to PPID will always be implemented involving institution, society, media, and local NGO,” M.Isa explained.
Similar opinion also conveyed by Hermawansyah, the bureaucracy reformation makes sure the accountability of governance, in which one of instruments is PPID.
“It’s Lembaga Gemawan’s commitment on PPID issue to keep implementing several series until PPID is established. We also had conducted a workshop about PPID last month,” Hermawansyah said.
In regard to technical plan in establishing PPID, The Agency of Tranportation, Communication, and Information of Kayong Utara district has a plan to socialize PPID around working unit of local government related the establishment of supporting PPID, which should be available in each working unit and synchronize with the main PPID.
“It’s our plan that if the final draft has been done without correction, we will continue to socialization at least early November,” explained by Rusli Acting Head of the agency of Tranportation, Communication, and Information of Kayong Utara district.
In regard to PPID, the draft from the agency was entered legal section now, mandate of establishment of PPID clearly explained that the process takes one year at the latest. What we want for the main PPID so that the function of structure can work.
“I think principally we are in legal section assessing if the structure is okay, we are okay. Therefore, the structure must be negotiated, legal section is not really taking part in discussion,” Mulyadi as the Head of legal section of Kayong Utara district said.
In the meantime, the head of public relation section and protocol of Kayong Utara district (Joni Tarigan) also stated that his section is okay with the establishment of PPID, “we are very supportive with the plan.” (Joy)

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