Rubber Farmer Strengthening In Sambas District

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Gemawan News- Rubber farmer problems takes certain steps. Efforts for the success of the rubber farmers may not have been realized without involvement the stakeholders, and it requires hard work with all parties. Started from management of capacity building and empowerment of farmers, increasing effectiveness and efficiency in financing and trades, government regulations which protect the existence and status of farmers and rubber smallholders land protection which is integrated in district spatial planning.

fgd petani karetIn order to strengthen the position of farmers on trades system, Lembaga Gemawan enforce Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with theme ” Farmers Rubber Strengthening in Sambas district”. The event was held at the Mercure Hotel, Pontianak (18/9). 25 participants attended the event, which are representing STSD Sambas, government agencies, banks, representatives from rubber companies Kirana Megatara, Credit Union, and other consultancy agencies.

This activity begin with explanation from Suryanto ( Department of Forestry and  Plantation of Sambas District), Robert ( PT. Kirana Megantara) and Elsa Susanti (Aidenvironment). Facilitated by Laily Khairnur from Lembaga Gemawan, many inputs and information submitted by FGD’s participant. According to Laily, this activity involve all party in order to strengthen rubber farmer position.

“The purpose of this activity is to build strategic communication between rubber farmers, governments, financial institutions and companies, involving all parties in effort to strengthen the capacity, ensure the protection of rubber plantations and increase farmers’ economy. This dialogue also to determine the role of each party, government (relevant agencies), civil society organization, financial institutions, companies and farmers themselves) in improving the welfare, sustainability and capacity of rubber farmers ” Laili explained.

Meanwhile Suryanto from Forestry and Plantation of Sambas District explained that the government’s has lot of program for the development of rubber farmers. Although, it has weaknesses and deficiencies related technical in field. Same thing also delivered by Bulyadi from the Industry Department of West Kalimantan province that the quality of West Kalimantan rubber is low.

“Processed latex in West Kalimantan has a low qualities, it becomes our collective responsibility to improve the quality of rubber farmers. Hopefully in this discussion could provide a solution for increasing rubber farmers capacity in Sambas, “he concluded.

This meeting has been successful in establishing  commitment from all parties who attended with distribution of roles of each party and will be followed up in the next action to reach  common vision for improving the welfare of rubber farmers and synergy with various parties. (zuni)

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